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Yan Yang (Shiang Yang) founded preparation room in 1992. Next year, Shiang Yang produced EDM accessories and worked hard to develop and design the patent- Power-unit Cylinder and Revolve Spindle so our sales increased and founded new company- Yan Yang Precision Ind. Co., Ltd. to produce EDM drilling. Our management idea is honest and continues to develop. In 2001, the CNC EDM drilling which was intellectual type electrode auto exchange sale to America and German successfully.

The CNC EDM drilling is tested by German and America and finded that the level is higher than others. Self-developed software and dialog interface provide a fast and easy operation. Software can be modified depending on customer’s need. Our company already have intellectual knowledge about operation and specification of machine so the hole range and verticality of hole machining is correct, hole machining will not expand, the position is stable and precise, electrode auto exchange, guide auto exchange, blind hole machining function, add to 5th 6th 7th axes, head incline machining.

For the effort of our development team, CNC EDM drilling will make Yan Yang become better and top of the technology company.

Our company prepares providing automatic EDM drilling because of more and more people pay attention to the efficiency of machining speed, the mistake cost of machining failure, automation to reduce employment cost.

Our goal is familiar to other company. And our object is to solve the problem instead of making problem.

If you have related machining problems (0.1mm~6.0mm), please contact us. It’s our honor and pleasure to provide service.